Alice and the Land of Likes

Alice and the Land of Likes

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Teach Children How To Manage Feelings and Self-Esteem Associated With Social Media

As children are exposed to social media at younger and younger ages, parents and teachers are challenged with how to explain the risks and very real mental health and self-esteem issues associated with the interactions they have online. 

The story of Alice provides a whimsical way to teach children the importance of healthy in-real-life experiences without relying on social media and “likes” for approval or validation.

The goal is that when kids start using social media (hopefully years after reading this book), they'll remember Alice and know they are worth more than the reaction they get online.

This book will give your child the lessons to learn how to handle internet social behaviors now so they can be prepared for it later.

You will help your child cope and learn by the following:

  • Understand how to handle social media behaviors emotionally

  • Overcome the pressure to get “likes” and the implications surrounding the need for social acceptance

  • Learn the power of self-worth

  • Learn to teach your children on social resiliency and how to overcome social anxieties

  • 32 Pages

  • Hardcover

  • Reading Age: 6-9

  • ISBN: 978-0-578-94776-1