About Us



Dana and Tucker are the co-authors of Alice and the Land of Likes. They’ve seen many of their friends get consumed by social media and hurt if they don’t get enough likes. After scouring the web, they couldn’t find any children’s books meant to help kids avoid falling into this same trap, so they decided to write their own.

“Our fear is that one day our son Leo will come to us and ask if there is something wrong with him because he didn’t get any likes on his social media post.”

By writing a children’s book aimed at kids before they start using social media, the hope is that when they start posting online they’ll remember our book and not let “The Likes” get them down.

Dana and Tucker live in Connecticut with Leo River and their retired racing Greyhound, Arrow.

When not writing children's books, Dana works as a Project Management Consultant and is starting a business providing Coaching services for end of life planning. Tucker works as a Product Manager for tech companies. Leo is always on the move and Arrow is always taking naps.

Throughout this project, Dana and Tucker found a new love and talent for writing rhythmic stories and hope to write many more in the future.


Alice and the Land of Likes was illustrated by the incredibly talented Luciana Guerra. Based out of Argentina, Luciana (who goes by the handle, Liquid Mind Art)  works with publishers from all around the world. She received her degree in Fine Arts at the National University of Rosario and studied drawing and painting with two great art Masters: Julian Usandizaga Rodolfo Perassi.